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15 September 2023

The World People's New Era Forum has approved its own Declaration

In the view of most ordinary people, an international declaration is an official document of a state, an association of countries or organizations that contains the most important principles of activity, establishes certain legal norms or expresses a position on an issue. It is accepted mostly on the results of political events, meetings or summits.

The uniqueness of the New Era Forum lies in the fact that the initiative to hold it belongs to ordinary people who have distanced themselves from the interests of certain political groups or global corporations. That is why we, the organizers and experts of this event, have decided to depart from generally accepted standards and formulate our principles of vision for the development of the world and society, and therefore we have consolidated them in our own Declaration, even BEFORE the start of the nationwide summit in Mumbai.

Below you can see one of the points of the Declaration:

"Realizing the importance of the challenges facing modern humanity, we, the organizers, experts, participants of the international Forum "New Era", as well as millions of people who share our views and position, are always ready for a constructive dialogue with heads of states, politicians, owners of global corporations, to develop new constructive solutions for the successful, and most importantly, fast implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening friendship between the peoples from all over the word."

Everyone can read the full text of the Declaration of the New Era Forum on our official website and also below the link.

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