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24 November 2023

The first Winner of the Golden Chariot Global Award 2023-2024 was awarded in Yemen

The Organizing Committee and experts of the New Era World Forum & Golden Chariot Global Award have already selected several first winners of the award in 2023-2024. Alsa bin Garden Amusement City Park from the Republic of Yemen is one of them. Considering the difficult situation in the Middle East, the organizers complied with the wishes of the Winner and held an award ceremony in the city of Sanaa on November 23, 2023 as part of the national holiday BRICS Day.

The annual BRICS Day is a holiday that takes on special significance in the current international circumstances and Yemen's firm stance amid multiple challenges. Honorary President of the BRICS Group of Friends Sultan Al-Sami emphasized the importance of this event.

"Yemen's unique location is considered vital to play a crucial role in the Silk Road initiative."

It is very symbolic that the first World People's Award within the framework of the New Era Forum was received by the Winner from the Republic of Yemen. The Golden Chariot was awarded in «Tourism» category. 

The event was attended by high-ranking officials of the Country, and the awarding was accompanied by a concert. Preparations for the New Era World Forum continue.

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