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01 June 2023

Accreditation of journalists for the press conference has been opened

The announcing press conference on the preparation and holding of the NEW ERA WORLD FORUM & GOLDEN CHARIOT GLOBAL AWARD is held on June 7, 2023 in a mixed format (online, offline, teleconferences), with the participation of famous cultural and art figures, athletes, politicians and businessmen, authoritative experts from more than 30 countries of the World.

The press conference starts at 6 PM IST (India Standard Time).

If you want to take part in the press conference, please send a confirmation to the Organizing Committee's e-mail. The connection link will be sent to you 12 hours before the start of the ZOOM press conference.

The upcoming work of the Forum (Federative Republic of Brazil) is going to be told by the head of the Organizing Committee, Mrs. Hanan Wagdy Khaled (Republic of Egypt), Sanjay Kapoor (Republic of India), Mohamed Bashir Ladan (Republic of Cameroon), Danilo Martins de Castro Chaib will tell about the upcoming work of the Forum (Federative Republic of Brazil), Jiang Yanbin (China) and other experts. You can find the full list of members of the expert Council of the Forum here.

Reference Information:

On December 4-11, 2023, Mumbai, the Republic of India, is going to host a unique world–scale event, which have had no analogues before. The NEW ERA WORLD FORUM is going to bring together guests and participants from more than 100 countries, including heads of a number of countries, representatives of the political and business establishment, well-known persons of culture, sports, art, as well as heads of medium and small businesses, public and charity organizations, and ordinary people united by a common idea of peace and justice for all inhabitants of the planet Earth, regardless of their political views, wealth, education and religion. The Forum is going to become a platform for open dialogue for all segments of society on the most significant and relevant topics.

NEW ERA World Forum Organizing Committee

The Chairman, Hanan Wagdy Khaled (Republic of Egypt), is a member of the General Assembly of the Al-Ahram Economic Foundation, member of the Supreme Advisory Council for Arab Economic Unity, entrepreneur, civil activist, mother of two children. She is called "the brightest representative of the new generation of Egyptians" at home, also she is part of a cohort of young public figures whose global goal is to build a just world.


Sanjay Kapoor (Republic of India) is a famous Indian actor and media producer who cooperates with both national and international holdings (including Netflix). Sanjay is sure that cultural figures can and should be true ambassadors of peace.

Mohamed Bashir Ladan (Republic of Cameroon) is a journalist, media producer, CEO of the largest African news agency PANAFRICAN Media. Mr. Ladan is sure that only objective and independent media are really able to change the world and serve the interests of ordinary people.

Danilo Martins de Castro Chaib (Federal Republic of Brazil) is a famous musician, artist, teacher, professor, a genuine man of the world. In addition to music, Dr. de Castro's personal and professional interests include equal opportunities for everyone and one of his dissertations was devoted to this topic.

Jiang Yanbin (China) is an entrepreneur, the head of the public organization "Experts of Confucianism". He devoted his life to uniting businessmen from all over the world who shares simple and understandable principles: follow the laws, do legal business, improve yourself and the world around you. When asked why he joined the organizing committee of the Forum, Mr. Yanbin replied with a quote from Confucius: "If you don't think about the future, you will always worry about the present."

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