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20 March 2023

The nominations and criteria for judging the winners were determined

The organizers have decided on the nominations and agreed on the criteria for evaluating the winners.<br>

During preparation for the First NEW ERA World Forum and the Golden Chariot Global Award, which is going to be held from December 4 to 11, 2023 in Mumbai (Republic of India), the organizers have determined the number of nominations in which the winners are going to be awarded.

In the "Economics" category, the highest public international award is going to be given in the nominations:

  • Banking & Finance (including investment and insurance);
  • Agribusiness & Agriculture;
  • Industry;
  • Construction & Property;
  • Transport;
  • Fuel & Energy Complex;
  • Green Energy, Innovation & Technology.

“Politics” category includes two nominations:

  • Political leader;
  • Law & Order.

“Social Area” category includes the nominations in:

  • Culture & Art & Cinema;
  • Medicine & Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals;
  • Media (including communications, media, media projects);
  • Science & Education;
  • Tourism business;
  • Physical culture & Sports;
  • Fashion industry;
  • Socially significant projects.

“Spiritual Area” category includes two nominations:

  • Peacebuilding activities;
  • Charity and philanthropy.

The experts and organizers together with official partners are going to determine the winners in three "Special nominations":

  • Project of the year (including start-ups);
  • Company of the year;
  • Person of the Year (can be several categories: philanthropist, politician, prominent figure, etc.).

We will soon find out the names of the first winners at the First NEW ERA World Forum.<br>

See you soon in December in Mumbai!

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